Is your company ready to meet the mobility challenge?

Anyone who’s faced the urgency of creating a mobile solution is all too aware of the limitations. They have most likely tried a few different approaches, ranging from developing on native SDKs to using frameworks to developing in-house using HTML5. And they have most likely come to the conclusion that true enterprise-grade technology is necessary.

Mobile application development platforms (MADP) are the solution, but figuring out which MADP to use can be time-consuming at best and confusing at worst. To help you make that decision, we’ve created a MADP vendor selection guide checklist, which outlines the top 10 things you need to consider when evaluating a mobile platform. These include:

  • Support for multi-channel app development
  • Developer productivity and designer creativity
  • Middleware capabilities and B2E capabilities
  • Platform maturity and developer ecosystem

We hope you enjoy this resource.