More and more companies are turning to mobile in order to improve employee productivity, streamline internal processes, and increase the company’s bottom line. With this rapid adoption, however, comes an increased risk of security vulnerabilities. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2017, 75% of mobile security breaches will be because of app misconfiguration.

Because of this increased risk, it is imperative that developers be aware of the top ten mobile security vulnerabilities—and how to address them. Read our eBook, How Secure Are Your Mobile Apps?, and learn about:

  • Weak server side controls
  • Insecure data storage
  • Insufficient transport layer protection
  • Unintended data leakage
  • Poor authentication and authorization
  • Broken cryptography
  • Client side injection
  • Security decisions via untrusted inputs
  • Improper session handling
  • Lack of binary protections

Make sure you’re ready to address mobile security issues, and read our eBook today.

Make sure you don’t get left behind and download our eBook today.