Mobile application developers are under pressure to deliver richer business applications in less time. This often means integrating with complex backend systems like SAP. With Kony MobileFabric just write your front-end iOS, Android, PhoneGap or Windows application to call MobileFabric and your SAP integration is done in hours not weeks.

Benefits of Kony MobileFabric

  • Reduce development time to expose SAP business functions by up to 70%
  • Secure SAP data on the device as well as on the move leveraging Mobile Fabric’s Identity Management and SAP Gateway.
  • Leverage prebuilt connectors for SAP’s CRM, EAM, SD, HCM, Approvals and Supply Chain modules.
  • Connect to other data sources like SalesForce, Oracle, SQLServer and more.

What you will experience

This hands-on Amazon AWS Test Drive demonstrates how easy it is to connect a mobile application to a real life SAP Business Suite environment with Kony MobileFabric using an example mobile Purchase Order Approval application. Test Drive steps include:

  • Spin up the Test Drive
  • Create Identity and Integration Services against our SAP instance
  • Publish to the runtime environment
  • Download your app from the public app store and approve a purchase order
  • Log into SAP, modify data and see the changes in the mobile app.

Try Test Drive Now

The Kony MobileFabric Test Drive for SAP is available now for free on Amazon Web Services. After signing in and starting your Test Drive, we will create a unique instance of MobileFabric in the cloud for your use. The Test Drive comes with a lab manual that provides simple, step by step instructions. After requesting the Test Drive, it will be available for your use for three hours although the steps can typically be completed and your personal mobile app provisioned in under an hour.

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