Cordova App Optimization with Kony MobileFabric

As companies try to extend their existing web infrastructure to mobile, developing mobile applications leveraging Cordova/HTML5-based technologies including PhoneGap™, Ionic and others is a popular alternative. While Cordova can help create the mobile client, additional back-end services are still needed like:

  • Identity and authentication
  • Off-line sync
  • Data transformation and optimization
  • Messaging & engagement services and
  • Backend integration
  • Analytics, User Journey and App Performance Management (APM)

Kony’s MobileFabric product provides these capabilities to enhance and accelerate Cordova app development.

Benefits of Kony MobileFabric

  • Add critical backend services to Cordova apps
  • Move workload to the server to improve performance and reduce complexity
  • Simplify backend integration for Cordova apps, leveraging multiple data sources using built-in business adaptors for systems such as SAP and Salesforce
  • Standardize security, analytics, and management

Learn More About Cordova and MobileFabric

Cordova Development White Paper

To learn how a Cordova-based app can leverage Kony MobileFabric services via the provided SDK, download our Cordova Development with MobileFabric white paper.

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Test Drive MobileFabric with Cordova

See for yourself using our hands-on Amazon AWS Test Drive that demonstrates a basic Cordova News and Weather app and a more complex Cordova CRM app that integrates with Salesforce. The first app integrates to REST and SOAP services, transforms the data for a mobile optimized result and aggregates all the data into a single API using orchestration. The second app demonstrates how quickly a developer can integrate into Salesforce OAuth for authentication and then visually select Salesforce objects to expose to the mobile application.

The Test Drive is free and provides your own unique instance of MobileFabric and a Windows environment with the Cordova development environment already set up. The Test Drive comes with a user guide that provides simple, step by step instructions for using both sample apps. The environment is available to you for 24 hours, but you can create new Test Drive instances as many times as you want.

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Free 90 Day MobileFabric Trial

When you are ready to start your own development using Kony MobileFabric, you can sign up for a free 90-day trial on the Kony Cloud. You will have access to our cloud-based MobileFabric Console and one runtime environment to deploy your services to for testing

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Learn more about Kony MobileFabric here.

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