Model-Driven Development for Mobile Using a Microservices-Based Architecture

Model-driven application development (MDAD) is a method for rapid development of applications from software architectural models leveraging smaller, discrete objects. By using a model-driven approach and combining it with a microservices architecture to assemble and deploy self-contained independent components into a complete solution, it is possible to develop applications faster and reuse components across multiple applications. Using a MDAD approach can address a number of common mobile development problems such as: slow and expensive application development, shortage of development skills, low level of code reuse, and high costs for application upgrade and enhancement.

With the introduction of the new Object Services capability in Kony’s Fabric™ solution we have introduced a robust, model-driven application development framework for mobile development. This white paper reviews:

  • Benefits of mobile model-driven application development (mMDAD)
  • A mobile application development use case example with and without mMDAD
  • An overview of the new Kony Fabric Object Services architecture and features
  • Development time reductions based on initial use of the solution

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