The Foundation for Successful Mobile App Development

Companies of all sizes continue to struggle with mobile development, with Gartner predicting that by 2017 demand will grow 5x faster than IT organization can deliver on that demand. Even with an increased focus on mobile development, businesses still face a litany of challenges, including:

  • Mobile project budget and timeline overruns (27% of enterprise application projects are delivered late, 21% run over budget, and 16% fail to deliver what end users expect according to IDG Research)
  • Poor app performance, reliability and security resulting from a lack of focus on back-end or server side development (data integration, identity management, offline sync, etc.)
  • Difficulty maintaining and upgrading both the application as a result of changes to client or back-end applications, lack of standardized architecture, or complexity of development and QA for new features

The complexity of available mobile development options only helps to further complicate matters, with many businesses using fragmented solutions in order to address all of their needs. 

There’s a better way – a comprehensive and integrated solution architected from the ground up to provide all the back-end integration and mobile services needed to make both mobile app development and enterprise system owners happy.

Download our white paper “Kony Fabric™ – The Foundation for Successful Mobile App Development” today and find out how you can begin to meet the mobility challenge.