Mobile App Development Using Cordova & Kony MobileFabric™

As companies try to extend their existing web infrastructure to mobile, developing mobile applications leveraging Cordova-based technology is a popular alternative. While Cordova can help create the mobile client, it doesn’t provide any back-end or server-side services, or the integration required for most enterprise mobile applications. An MBaaS (Mobile Backend As A Service) solution complements a Cordova-based front end by providing:

  • API management and integration to backend systems like databases, ERP and CRM systems, ESBs, or customer applications
  • Standardized mobile identity, security, messaging, and orchestration to optimize user experience and app performance
  • Model-driven development leveraging microservices to provide a standardized architecture and framework for the back end data model and objects

By leveraging open source mobile app development tools like Cordova combined with an enterprise-grade MBaaS solution such as MobileFabric, companies can improve app performance and user adoption while still reducing the time and money spent on mobile app development.

Download our white paper to learn how using Cordova and MobileFabric together can ensure your mobile apps work – while creating a great user experience.