Meeting High Expectations for Innovative Mobile Experiences

Ten years ago, enterprises who offered a mobile app were considered to be visionary. Today, if an enterprise doesn’t have a mobile app they’re seen as being behind the times. 

Clearly, the world—and business—runs on mobile these days. Being able to meet the high expectations of users can be challenging, but not impossible.

To illustrate that fact, we’ve compiled three different mobile innovation stories in one quick-read ebook. In it, you’ll read how three very different companies achieved the results they needed, such as:

  • Empowering electrical utility technicians with a modernized field service app that runs on smartphones rather than industrial hardware.
  • Making player pianos fun—and relevant—with the help of apps for phones, tablets, and the Apple Watch.
  • Replacing an ineffective app for health plan members with a clean, new design that became “a great success.” Even better? A new member portal reused 80% of the work from the mobile app.

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