Achieving next generation mobile experiences with the Kony Mobility Platform

The experience on mobile devices continues to evolve to simplify user interactions while increasing the functionality and depth of available content. Specific areas enabling a next-generation mobile experience are messaging and natural language processing that allow end-users to leverage natural language to interact with their mobile applications. These interactions also incorporate the user’s history and context, providing the best results while integrating machine learning for a continuously improving experience.

This Future Mobile Experiences white paper explains how to build a Chatbot using a 3rd party NLP engine and incorporate it into a mobile app built using the Kony Platform. It further explains how apps built on the Kony Platform can easily integrate with 3rd party messaging apps to add functionality such as sharing content with a Facebook friend, performing complex searches or simply retrieving your checking account balance. It includes specific steps and best practices for leveraging a variety of service providers based on the desired functionality.