Mobile App Factory for the Masses–From Laggard to Leader

Companies are still struggling with transitioning their app development process to effectively meet the demands of both end users and the business. Complex drivers add to the problem, including:  

  • Diverse operating systems and device requirements
  • Legacy web infrastructure
  • New security threats
  • Lack of agility required to deploy mobile solutions

A holistic new approach is needed to enable an effective digital transformation. Using an integrated mobile App Factory has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to move from being a legacy web app laggard to an omnichannel application leader. 

Watch this webinar today to learn how an App Factory can help you take the digital transformation leap easily and effectively.


Manojav Sridhar - Director, Platform Systems – Sales Engineering, Kony, Inc


Manojav has spent the better part of his career in mobility and bringing the power of mobility to the enterprise. He has been involved with some of the largest Field Services roll outs in North America. He has spent his career in various Engineering, Delivery and Sales roles in mobility. Currently he is the Director for Platform Systems in Kony’s Sales Engineering team, helping the Kony team solve complex problems around integration, identity management, front end user experience as well the Digital App Factory infrastructure. Manojav is based out Toronto, Canada.

Mike Thompson - Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Kony’s Mobile Application Backend Middleware business, Kony Inc.


Mike Thompson is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Kony’s Mobile Application Backend Middleware business. Prior to joining Kony, Mike led the Systems Management business at SolarWinds focused on monitoring applications, servers, virtualization and storage. He also led product management and product marketing teams for IBM covering cloud management and automation, storage management, and high availability products. He has an MBA from the University of Texas and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University.