The Path to Next-Generation Technologies? Augmenting Your Reality.

Got alphabet soup in your technologies? AR, Bots, NLP, Ai, Reco, IoT, APIM, HTML5, iOS, MADP, RMAD, MBaaS…   

Next-gen tech is creating challenges when it comes to thinking about what’s next for your app development strategy. Many of these technologies can increase complexity and force difficult technology choices. At the same time, they are promising to revolutionize not just app development, but day-to-day life.   

In this webinar titled “Augment Your Reality—A Path to Next-generation Technologies” Kony’s CTO Bill Bodin demos augmented reality and outlines next-gen technologies as a path towards digital innovation.



Bill Bodin
Chief Technology Officer
Kony, Inc. 

With more than 30 years of technology industry experience, Bill Bodin is responsible for fortifying Kony’s innovation leadership in the enterprise mobility market. As chief technology officer for IBM’s Mobile Computing CIO group, he was both a Distinguished Engineer and a recognized Master Inventor at IBM, and holds more than 200 patents in domains. He has a Graduate Degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon & Florida Atlantic University.


Mike Thompson
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Kony, Inc. 

Mike Thompson is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Kony’s Mobile Application Backend Middleware business. Prior to joining Kony, Mike led the Systems Management business at SolarWinds focused on monitoring applications, servers, virtualization and storage. He has also led product management and product marketing teams for IBM covering cloud management and automation, storage management, and high availability products.  He has an MBA from the University of Texas.

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