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Kony AppVantage™ for Energy and Utilities

Fast and Easy Mobile Field Ops Apps for Inspections, Safety, Maintenance and Operations

Kony AppVantage for Energy—Mobile apps adapted to your custom field operations process

Using a mobile app to optimize field operations has been shown to improve productivity, safety, and quality. But those benefits are often offset if you have to disrupt existing processes and re-train field teams. Kony's solution uses a set of composable mobile features that can be combined and customized for your exact field ops process ensuring that you get the benefits without all the disruption to current opperations.

  • Prebuilt, composable field operations microapps to quickly assemble your unique experience
  • Omnichannel by default – iOS, Android, Web, wearables from a single code base
  • Prebuilt and integrated access to industry leading advanced technologies like chat bots, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, geolocation, biometrics, etc. to enable hands-free, intelligent user experiences
  • Secure and enabled for off-line operation automatically
  • Built on the best platform in the world so that apps are extendable, secure, fast, and scalable automatically
Trusted by multiple Top 5 oil and gas and utilities customers, Kony's solution has been proven in the field. Contact us to see how we can help digitize your field operations process.
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