The rapid emergence of mobile as a strategic business imperative has outpaced all previous technology trends.

Just a few years ago, mobile apps were viewed by many in the enterprise as simply a cool consumer thing that had no significance to the business world. However, the speed of mobile evolution and adoption has accelerated dramatically in recent years, especially since many enterprises find themselves competing against more nimble, tech-savvy companies. Also, with the rise of the millennial generation, enterprises are realizing they must adjust their approach to serving their younger client base or they will lose them.

With mobile, enterprises can offer superior experiences for their customers. Customized, user-friendly apps allow enterprises to deliver individualized customer support, enabling customers to have greater control over their shopping and research processes. The end result is a more satisfied and loyal customer base.

To learn more about the challenges—and opportunities—mobile presents for enterprises, check out the first part of our “The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility” white paper series with CIO, Strategic Marketing Services and find out how you can make your mobile strategy a success.

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