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Kony AppVantage™ for Healthcare

Delivering Amazing Patient Experiences

Kony AppVantage for Healthcare

Personalized care. Fuller engagement. Real-time responsiveness. When we think of breakthroughs in healthcare we often think of heroic interventions, but the reality is the most important opportunity to improve clinical outcomes may be in the palm of the patient's hand.

An effective patient experience isn't just a portal, it's a priority. Kony AppVantage for Healthcare brings together technologies proven to make a difference, weaving them together to streamline processes, drive innovation, expand access and advance the quality of care. From the moment a patient sets foot in your facility, through the complex needs for remote monitory of wounds and detailing their subsequent treatment, Kony's got you covered. 

  • Prebuilt, composable microapps to quickly assemble a unique experience specific to your needs
  • Anywhere, any device, anytime access without the complexity – iOS, Android, Web, wearables from a single code base
  • Integrated access to industry leading advanced technologies including chat bots, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, geolocation, biometrics, and more
  • Bank-grade security out-of-the-box protects sensitive patient information while allowing for secure communication
  • Built on the industry's leading platform ensuring apps are extendable, secure, fast, and scalable automatically

Learn how Kony has helped accelerate the digital transformation of many of the nation's leading healthcare providers and how we can help you make the leap forward.

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