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The New Retail Imperatives

Apps to Support Today's Top Retail Initiatives

Some retailers find that they are still not winning new customers, or worse, are losing current customers to the competition. What's happening? Retailers are chasing customer expectations - an ever-changing and rapidly rising hurdle that retailers struggle to overcome due to operational constraints.

Join guest speaker Brendan Witcher, Forrester VP & Principal Analyst and explore:
  • What causes today's digitally-savvy, mobile customers to hyper-adopt and hyper-abandon brands.
  • How data is becoming the new competitive weapon, and how apps are key to collecting and using this data.
  • Retail's top five initiatives - including personalization and omnichannel - and how apps play a role.
  • The future of commerce, and how retailers must prepare for the world of interacting, not just transacting, with the customer.
  • Important steps for moving from digital dinosaur to digital master.
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