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Kony AppVantage™ for Retail

Unique Customer Experiences that Amaze

Kony AppVantage for Retail—Make your app experience valuable to your customers

Having a retail mobile app isn’t enough—you need a digital experience that provides real value to your customers. Every retailer’s journey should be unique to their target customer and their value proposition. Kony AppVantage for Retail provides you with a pallet of the world’s best technologies, adapted for retail, that will allow you bring your best customer experience to life.

  • Prebuilt, composable retail microapps to quickly assemble your unique experience
  • Omnichannel by default – iOS, Android, Web, wearables from a single code base
  • Prebuilt and integrated access to industry leading advanced technologies like chat bots, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, geolocation, biometrics, etc.
  • Built on the best platform in the world so that apps are extendable, secure, fast, and scalable automatically

Find out what we can do to make your retail digital transformation successful.

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