Is your backend ready for mobile?

According to Forrester, “Mobile is pushing aging web architectures to the brink.”*

To stay ahead of the competition and keep pace with mobile, the enterprise needs a new approach: a 4-tier architecture.

Join Kony, with featured guest Michael Facemire from Forrester Research, to get best practices and lessons learned on how to get there fast, including:

  • Why mobile apps using web centric architectures based on existing SOA, ESB, and app servers will fail
  • How to avoid hidden pitfalls when optimizing your backend systems for mobile apps
  • Real-world case studies that failed, and what they should have done differently
  • The need for loosely coupled services and tiers, a distributed deployment and development model, and dynamic composed services to support contextual experiences
  • 5 critical requirements for successfully optimizing your mobile backend to enable rapid mobile application development

Presentations by:

Michael Facemire
Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals
Forester Research

mfMichael serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. He is a leading expert on mobile software development, software development processes, and next-generation software architectures.

Previous Work Experience

Michael has more than 15 years of experience in the software development industry. He joined Forrester from IBM, where he delivered industry-leading applications in mobile, social software, content management, portal, and workflow. While there, he authored or co-authored 23 patents in the areas of mobile software, collaborative systems, content management, and media services that have been issued or pending.

Matt Terry
Vice President, Product
Kony, Inc.

mtMatt Terry is Vice President of Product Management for Kony MobileFabric and Kony Cloud that provides enterprise-grade mobile infrastructure services to securely mobilize enterprise systems and empowers developers to build amazing apps.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to Kony, Matt was a senior member of IBM's Global Services division for 10 years where he provided strategic product consulting to leading telecom companies like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Matt was certified as an expert in the area of designing enterprise architectures and holds 43 patents in location based services, cloud infrastructure, and system automation.

*Mobile Needs A Four-Tier Engagement Platform, Forrester Research, Inc., November 24, 2014